Радио 1Гц. Сказания Звездного Неба (andertrace) wrote,
Радио 1Гц. Сказания Звездного Неба

Музыкальное настроение

Сегодня целый день, везде, где только получается, слушаю эту композицию:

Но о чем она, не могу даже с гугл-переводчиком понять...

What God Wants, Part III
Don't be afraid, it's only business
The alien prophet sighed
The vulture and the magpie
Took the cash box from its hook
The monkey in the corner wrote
The figures in his book

Crazed, the checkout lady's fingers

Flash across the till
The captain posts
The menu for the day
And in banks across the world
Christian, Moslem, Hindu, Jew,
And people of every
Race, creed, color, tint, or hue
Get down on their knees and pray
The raccoon and the groundhog
Neatly make up bags of change
But the monkey in the corner
Well he's slowly drifting out of range

Christ, it's freezing inside
The veteran cries
The hyenas break cover
And stream through the meadow
And the fog rolls in
To his bottle of gin

So he picks up a stone
That looks like a bone
And the bullets fly
And the rivers run dry
And the fat girls sigh
And the network anchor persons lie
And the soldier's alone
In the video zone
But the monkey's not watching
He's slipped out to the kitchen
To pile the dishes
And answer the phone

Wait 'til the sun shines Nellie
And the clouds are driftin' by
We shall be happy Nellie

Между тем, сегодня Рождество Иоанна Крестителя, двоюродного брата Иисуса Христа... а раньше язычники праздновали летнее солнцестояние, "приблизительную середину" лета, в общем.
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